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Yoga & Treatments & Rates



Yoga Sessions

in case you would like to take part in professional yoga class, we can arrange a session with our external yoga teachers. Please note that bookings will have to be made at least 24 hrs in advance.
Rates per person:
1 person: $45
2 people: $30
3 people: $20

Yoga or Meditation on Floating Deck

Awaken the senses and let serenity and tranquility inspire you. Sign up for a yoga session on our floating deck and experience something extraordinary! The deck is also available for your use without an instructor; sign up required in advance.


“The best massage I have ever had in my life. She is amazing”

Jicaro Massage

Based on a brief consultation, our therapist will determine the best combination of techniques for your needs. Rate per person $65(60 min) or $90 (90 minutes)

Holistic Massage

Dive into this soothing experience by combining a normal massage with the pressing of certain reflex points on your feet. Various parts of your body will be positively stimulated to provide deep physical and mental relaxation. Rate per person $65(60 min) or $90 (90 minutes)

Paradise Massage

Our Swedish massage is a combination of slow movements and deep, relaxing pressure applications. The goal is to help the body recover more quickly from injuries in the muscles. This makes the skin healthier and more radiant. Rate per person $65(60 min) or $90 (90 minutes)

Hot Island Massage

The energizing temperature of our hot stones will enhance the relaxing of your muscles. This will help to relieve mental fatigue and will activate your blood circulation. Rate per person $65(60 min) or $90 (90 minutes)

Beauty Massage

If you want to indulge in an extraordinary experience, this combination of body and facial massage is the ideal option for you. After enjoying a Swedish massage that will take your body to a state of complete relaxation, you will receive a facial massage and facial mask that will make your skin feel vibrant and refreshed. Rate per person $65(60 min) or $90 (90 minutes)

Deep Lake Massage

This is ideal for people who have high levels of stress. The massage will focus on pressing the body’s meridian points in the locations where the most tension is and by so doing, will help release and loosen tensed muscles. Rate per person $65(60 min) or $90 (90 minutes)

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